At the Estuary

by Third

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released March 15, 2016

Third is David Franks, Kayla Cange, and Dawson Vosburg. Lyrics by Dawson, Kayla, and Emily Franks. Arrangements by Third.

Rick Singleton played bass. Curtis Dayton played drums, except on Line of Red, where drums were played by Joshua Mangis.

Adam Babarik played electric guitar on Teague Miracle Temple.

Ruth Mudge and Robb Robins played cello, Betsy Tomszak and Omar Maridiaga played viola, and Derek Efimetz, Jennifer Kluchenek, and Hattie Buell played violin.

Mary Messner and Christiana Wismer played flute, Becky Peterson played oboe, Tim Bedard played horn, Elisabeth Follman played trumpet, and Dan Quinn played trombone.

The Chorus Be-Four-Us is Josh Mangis, Katelyn Skye, Corbin Renken, and Christy Vosburg. They sang on The Fifty-Two and Line of Red.

Drums produced and engineered by Alex Dobbert, Jonathan Class, Clark Wright, and Evan Ferrell at the Varsity Recording Co.

Recorded at the HMS Berkley in Elmhurst, IL (big thanks to David Haskins), The Varsity Recording Co., and the Vosburg Estate (a.k.a. the Third Recording Megaplex) in Anderson, IN, David's house in Fort Wayne, IN, Dawson's apartment in Glen Ellyn, IL, Wheaton College and Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, IL, Moody Bible Institute and North Park University in Chicago, IL, and various other homesteads and havens.



all rights reserved


Third Anderson, Indiana

We are Third, a folk band from Anderson, Indiana. We like you and we hope you like us.

Kayla Cange
Dawson Vosburg
David Franks

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Track Name: The Fifty-Two
Dreams sunk into the newness of this home
Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone
Motion sickness hit me all alone
But will the impact dent into the floor?

Bathed in water, rinsed my face
I ripped my shoes before the race
I wrote the textbook of my youth
and I ripped out pages when I moved.

Dance of idols floating out my door
See my problems? I can't weigh them anymore
Cutting hands off leaves a carpet red
But I think we'll say it was worth it in the end

Panels sunken, changing fast
Half a house with baby cats
I read the textbooks, read straight through
and I rode on the Fifty-Two!

Send me on my way!
I've got three hundred days!
Track Name: Teague Miracle Temple (On the Premises!!)
We met God in the bottoms
He didn't ask us for much
'Cept some quarters for laundry
and grace for the cuts on our feet.

We found art in the ditches,
some flowers growing between
a broken couch and a TV:
dirty pages from grey magazines.

The Teague Miracle Temple,
a plank nailed to the door
The grass cuts through the pavement
I'll just breathe through the words in my teeth.
Track Name: Turn Them Away
Climbing through the windowsill and I see
Polaroids I had forgot
Yellowed paper 'round our glossy faces
Blue ink scrawled upon the back

Inching through a cave I once crawled nightly
Closing in beneath the bed
Photographs are rushing through my vision
Names that we will soon forget

In the room I find I see a painting
Shrouded white and bitter cold
From the folding lines I see it take shape,
I know the beast is still alive

I know I held you, know I loved you
But with time, nothing changed for you
In my mind, I see clearly
I see time, it has changed me
Track Name: Earth in Earth on Earth
Hang low tree,
brush with your green fingers all in my cheeks
We have seen
the grayest of skies and the grayest of streets

But so few can say
on their birthday they got what they want
A friend on the riverbank
Mercy and water, no scorn

Press me sweet
against this obsession, away from machines
Blades and leaves,
a cutting distinction is far beyond me

But how can I say
that all man is the same anymore?
As I have seen rupture
with mercy and water come out

Have you ever opened
your eyes to a white river brown?
And have you imagined
that earth is on earth making scars?

Swing on the branches, we'll never fall off!
Fine-tune your meadows, but something is lost

Bend this wood,
sticks in the water with mercy and fruit
Sweetest ground,
sit on the bank we call Jesus' street.
Track Name: Aluminum House
When our dear lord cried
"Let there be light!"
Even that could not make you wake
You were far beyond
the breath of life that most creatures take

If you try to blame me now,
If you try to blame me now
I'm crying foul.

Oh aluminum house,
where I room with each
Each different part of me
From the corners of my mind
and the minds of those
who claim to see.

The wind and the howl
and the snakes, my God!
How they make you shake!
I didn't build you but
your chalky, screechy shudders
I won't forsake

And if you try to blame me now,
If you try to blame me now
I'm crying foul.

Oh aluminum house,
where I room with each
Each different part of me
From the corners of my mind
and the minds of those
who claim to see.

For every ghost
Trapped in that place
Between the river and the sea
And the different discarded girls,
wrapped in tarps
and washed up on the beach:

Every ghost that lives in you,
every ghost that lives in you
is me.
Track Name: Line of Red
I saw that line of red
When I went to rouse my sleepyhead
When I went to rouse my sleepyhead.

On the floor he was abed
Broken bottles haloed round his head.
Snaked between the sofa legs
a trail of piss in which he bled.

I told my friend "Don't stay.
After all, Darling, it's your birthday.
Don't make your other guests wait."

In the door she hesitates.
Garbed in pearls and bows and lace
And a dress fit for roller-skating
Wistf'ly, she says "Sorry for the mess we made."

Then to my knees I lift his sorry head.
Glass falls from his parted lips
Every fold of flesh trembling sweat.
I dread. I dread. I dread.

"Were those drunken fools misled?
My anger fails to indwell what's said.
Anger fails to dwell in what I said.

You were my debt,
A short and unexpected debt,
Yet how am I upset?
What good is it entrusting this to me, what good is it?
What good is it?

Thou diligent daughter,
Do not trouble thyself!
There's no hurry for me.
You honored thy promise
For three days you
fed and kept me, such
kindness to such an old hog as I.

No sweeter end could life afford.
Do not ask why such short company we kept.
Even Satan wants of God
and from the movements of His hand, by the movements of His hand,
draws his breath.

If my farmer father's unconcerned by death,
and time, in kind, my anxiousness can rest.
But 'fore I go, a small request:

Love dwells in every natural act
Should a vulture ever trace thy step,
Recall his brotherhood and rest.
His purpose made by Him who makes us one

Lay me down in the lowland, now, and Brother Buzzard will care for me when I'm done!

Love dwells in every natural act!
Track Name: Misshapen Puzzle Piece
The willow waves in salutation
His mouth is wide, he’s so impatient
We’ve hollowed out his trunk of memories
To make our own misshapen puzzle piece

The young knives, daggers pierce the past
Where moth and rust destroy and feast at last

I’m a creature of habit
Digging my claws into you
I’m baring my teeth
So you can set a trap for me

The young knives, daggers pierce the past
Where moth and rust destroy and feast at last

If words serve me well, I will write you this song

Adorn yourself with flowers
We’ll have a funeral for my love
Track Name: Mourning
Hung up the phone,
collapsed into my arms
Can't believe it's true
he just cleaned out his car,
left some trash in the front yard.

Walked reluctantly
in the front door,
as our feet stood shaking
on the carpeted floor
It was quiet in the funeral parlor.

And late that night
As she laid down and cried
She looked out the window and whispered "Goodnight"
Searched out the clouds for his spirit in the sky
At his grave across the front yard.

He burst
into tears,
as a child who faces
unforeseen fears
As he remembered when they played in the backyard

Our tears fell down
on the frozen ground
"Amen," we say
as we slowly walk away
from the place in the graveyard

And every night,
as his mother cries
she looks out the window and whispers "Goodnight"
Searches the clouds for his spirit in the sky
at his grave across the front yard.
Track Name: That Day
That day will come
when the shadows will all stop shifting
When all things lost
will bubble to the surface,
and the darkness will subside beneath the sunlight.

That day will come
when giants fall to children,
and fires become extinguished
beneath a gentle snowfall.
When love breaks walls of fear,
and seeds of hate bear flowers.
That day will come
like a thief comes in the night.

Come! Come! Come!

Throw away my pills
Give away my clothes
Burn my body into ashes
I won’t need anything

Trade in all my books
Give away my bed
Don’t engrave my name,
I won’t need it on that day
I won’t need it, I’m not here to stay.

Come! Come! Come! Come!